Status: Post Production

Trapped in a web of comically tragic situations, a small town woman and man are on a search for fame as an answer to a better life.


Khyati, a theatre actress who dabbles as a beautician in a local beauty parlour as her day job, but ultimately, dreams of becoming a television actor in Bombay and her downstairs neighbour Vikhyat, who runs his own transport business and aims to gain fame and validation through his YouTube channel, deal with a leaky pipeline in their respective houses that forces them to peep into each other’s lives and into their own.


Khyati finds a shady local businessman who may help her achieve her dream. Vikhyat, on the other hand, is trying to free himself from the clutches of his ex-wife, who is constantly looking to extort money from him.


Their attempts to escape the situation lead their fates to collide in an unpredictible mess.

Director's Note

What do you do when your ambitions put you in a tricky situation? How do you react? What decisions do you take? And what becomes of those choices?


Upar Neeche is about two people whose lives get entangled by sometimes messy and sometimes just unfortunate situations. Their ambitions of a better life drives them into making murky choices. It is these choices that unveil the tragedy of their desires through a comedy of absurdities and the unfortunate obstacles that life throws at them.


This film is a story of small town aspirations, finding the humour in these situations, the absurdities of coincidences, of messy happenings and of dubious decisions… and a bittersweet slice of life.

About the Director
Karma Takapa

Karma Takapa graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, specializing in Direction and Screenplay writing. He co-directed the Chhattisgarhi language feature ‘Mor Mann Ke Bharam’ (An Illusion of my mind, 2015) that premiered at the 17th Mumbai Film Festival, 2015 winning the Special Jury Prize. His earlier films include a series of short fictions and documentary films, experimenting with narrative forms and exploring spaces, including his hometown in the state of Sikkim.