'Where the winds blow' is a journey of a young woman who embarks on a trek towards an unknown destination somewhere in the high Himalayan mountains.

As the beautiful terrains turn harsh and nature challenges her, she braves these and her internal hurdles to find her resilience


'Where the Winds blow' is a young woman's resilient journey through the beautiful yet perilous terrain of the Himalayas. We walk with the character into wilderness as she seeks to find herself through her interactions with life and the overwhelming environment beyond its postcard images.

My idea is to explore how these beautiful images start to become overbearing and the way they shape human resilience due to sheer willpower.


Sayani Gupta

as Sayani

Sonam Wangyal Ladimpa

as Old Man

Cephas Subba

as Young Man

Karma Takapa

Karma Takapa graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, specializing in Direction and Screenplay writing. He co-directed the Chhattisgarhi language feature ‘Mor Mann Ke Bharam’ (An Illusion of my mind, 2015) that premiered at the 17th Mumbai Film Festival, 2015 winning the Special Jury Prize. His second film, Ralang Road, premiered at 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and travelled around the world participating in many prestigious festivals. His earlier films include a series of short fictions and documentary films, experimenting with narrative forms and exploring spaces, including his hometown in the state of Sikkim.

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Produced by
Karma Takapa
Anadi Athaley
Heer Ganjwala

Co-produced by
Sayani Gupta


Anadi Athaley

Sound Design and Mix
Bigyna Dahal

Background Score
Karan Moktan

Production Design
Roushan Kumar

Sync-sound recording
Christopher Burchell

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